Our Approach

Offering state-of-the-art in-house and portable services to meet the needs of equine athletes across all disciplines. Working directly with veterinarians and trainers to create customizable programs that are personalized to the needs of the individual horse. We are dedicated to achieving the ultimate outcome for every equine athlete, whether the focus is rehabilitation or conditioning.

Our Story

Our team of professionals work carefully with you to help determine the goal of your horse’s rehab program, whether it be recovery from surgery, from a specific injury, to improve the overall health of your horse, or to reduce layup time. We proudly offer and administer a variety of treatments and care options including daily, weekly, and monthly rates.

Next Steps...

We stay in constant communication with all interested parties, such as the referring veterinarian, owner(s) and trainer. Horses receive top-notch care, whether it be veterinary, therapy, grooming or feeding. We know what it is like to have your equine partner be out of the game and we are here to help you every step of the way during their recovery process. In addition to our care and rehabilitation treatment options, we also proudly offer an under saddle rehabilitation option once your horse is ready to go back to work with highly skilled top level riders.